The 3 Dirty Secrets of Social Media Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase: Be where your customers are. And with 57.6% of the world's population using social media, it's no wonder that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin are some of the most popular places to build brand awareness.

But with so much competition, is it possible to be recognised in a sea of competitors and shortened attention spans? Well, luckily, each and every online platform operates through a system of content filtering known as an Algorithm.

Algorithms can be a marketer’s best friend- or worst enemy- so it’s important to tailor your strategy around the platform you're navigating.

Here are 7 secrets we here at SMS use to create successful, impactful, and engaging campaigns!

Ignore the Vanity Metrics

For digital marketers, Vanity Metrics like follower counts mean next to nothing! So don’t be disheartened if your business page isn’t inundated with a million followers around the globe- it’s actually a good thing!

Business accounts with fewer than 10,000 followers have the best engagement rate on instagram, and engagement is something digital marketers value.

When you fixate on distracting Vanity Metrics like follower count, you can lose sight of tangible business goals that should be intimately interwoven with all your digital marketing strategies.

Remember: Don’t count the people you can reach, reach the people who count!

Tell your business story

A business story is an effective way for your audience to connect with your brand and understand how your company works.

It’s important to cater for today’s socially-conscious market, and audiences demand to know: What does your company stand for?

A strong business story is the perfect way to get your brand identity across. Brand storytelling also helps people feel more connected to your business because they get a deeper understanding of what makes it special

Don’t be scared of the booster spend!

Instagram and Facebook boosted posts are an important way to get your pages noticed by accounts that don’t follow you yet. This is especially effective if you notice a current post doing well.

A post with high engagement (likes, comments, and shares) is the perfect content to qualify for a boost.

The great part is, boosting posts on instagram won’t cost you an arm and a leg! Allocate a small amount of spend to boosting successful posts every month.

It adds credibility to your brand, and gives you a wider audience.